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Golden Retriever


The enrollment form and terms and conditions must be completed by all clients before their dog enters Wiggly Pups.  No exceptions.


  • All dogs must wear a collar. Flat nylon collars or nylon martingale collars are preferred.

  • If a dog enters Wiggly Pups without a collar, a nylon collar will be supplied by Wiggly Pups at the owner's expense.  This collar may be kept at Wiggly Pups and should be removed upon departure.  

  • We do not allow metal choke or prong collars into the run. No spiked collars allowed. Harnesses are typically chewed and ruined. 

  • Please note that we do not feed lunch to dogs over 6 months old unless they have a medical necessity. 

  • Dogs over 6 months old must be neutered or spayed. 


  • I understand that WP reserves the right to refuse training, services, or use of the facility for dogs who, in its sole determination, are unhealthy, act aggressively, are undisciplined, or who may be otherwise a danger to themselves or other animal users.

  • If my dog is aggressive while staying at WP for overnight care, WP reserves the right to kennel my dog for the duration of his/her stay for the safety of other dogs and humans.

  • To use the facilities my dog must be spayed or neutered if it is older than six months of age.

  • Proof of current vaccinations must be on file for Distemper, Parvo, Rabies and Bordetella. Please note, NYS law requires dogs who visit daycare facilities to have Bordetella re-administered every 6 months.

  • Wiggly Pups does not require health insurance but we strongly recommend it. 

  • I acknowledge that I take responsibility for, and will not hold WP liable for, any injury, illness or ailment which my dog may incur while in the presence of other dogs at the facility or otherwise.


  • I assume all expense or liability for injuries that my dog may inflict upon any human or other animal while in the care of WP.

  • I also agree that WP shall not be responsible, monetarily or otherwise, for injuries which may arise in the course of play, training, grooming, or which may be caused by the presence of other dogs.

  • I shall hold WP and its employees harmless from, make no claim against and indemnify WP and its employees against any costs, damages, claims, or expenses (including vet fees) that may result from an injury or illness to my dog, or to another dog, if caused by my dog.

  • I understand if presented with medical bills I am responsible for paying, I am responsible for initial vet visit costs and additional follow-up costs associated with the particular injury.

  • If injuries occur between dogs from a mutual fight with no obvious aggressor, that require emergency medical attention, the sum of all medical bills will be split 50/50 between the owners.

  • If an injury occurs during rough play that is deemed no-fault, the two parties involved are responsible for splitting the sum of the medical costs.


  • If my dog becomes ill or if the state of my dog’s health otherwise requires professional attention, WP, in its sole discretion may engage the services of a veterinarian, administer medicine, or give requisite attention to my dog.

  • I give my consent to WP to act on my behalf in obtaining emergency or any other care at my own expense if deemed necessary by WP or any of its staff.


  • Payments for scheduled services are NON-REFUNDABLE and must be used by expiration date provided

  • I authorize Wiggly Pups to maintain my credit card information on file and charge for purchases and services either at the time a reservation is made, a package is purchased, or my dog is checked into WP for service.

  • I also authorize WP to use my credit card to charge me for any late fees or additional fees resulting from my dog’s stay with WP at the conclusion of rendered services, walk fees due to aggressive behavior during 24 Hour Care, emergency medical care fees (see below), and costs related to injuries to other pets by my dog.

  • I agree to pay the rate for the day club, hotel, grooming, training and all other services provided by WP prior to being scheduled.

  • I acknowledge and agree that WP will decline services to me and my dog if my credit card is declined for service charges, pre-billed reservations, or if I have any unpaid balance resulting from services rendered.

  • All additional or emergency charges that are incurred while at WP shall be payable upon pickup of my dog, or when billed by Wiggly Pups at 152 B3 East 22nd St., New York, NY 10010.

  • WP shall have, and is hereby granted, a lien on my dog for any and all unpaid charges resulting from any of the services provided by WP.

  • If I leave my dog in WP’s care without payment for 14 days or more, without prior consent of the owners of Wiggly Pups, I understand my dog shall be considered abandoned and I transfer ownership of my dog and all rights to WP.

  • If I leave my dog in WP’s care with or without payment for 30 days or more, without the express permission of the owners of Wiggly Pups, I understand my dog shall be considered abandoned and I transfer ownership of my dog and all rights to Wiggly Pups.

  • Due to safety and staffing purposes, WP reserves the right to charge a late fee for pick-ups from the day club or hotel after closing hour.


  • I specifically represent that I am the sole owner of my dog, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances.

  • This contract contains the entire agreement between the parties.   All terms and conditions of this contract shall be binding on their spouses, heirs, administrators, personal representative, and assignees of me and Wiggly Pups.

  • Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract, or breach thereof, or as a result of any claim or controversy involving the alleged negligence by any party to this contract, shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Court having jurisdiction thereof. The arbitrator shall, as a part of his/her award, determine an award to the prevailing party of the costs of such arbitration and reasonable attorney’s fees of the prevailing party.

  • By signing this contract and leaving my dog with WP, I certify the accuracy of all the information I have provided to WP relating to my dog.


  • I grant Wiggly Pups Pet Care, LLC permission to use pictures taken of my dog(s) for business related activities. I understand that this use may include advertising and marketing campaigns, website images, and other uses for promoting the services of Wiggly Pups.

  • If I do not wish my dog(s)' photo to be published, due to exceptional circumstances, I may make this request via email to

By clicking the "submit" button below, I acknowledge that I have read and accept the terms and conditions stated above.


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